Forensic Document Examination

Counterfeit Documents . Real Estate Forgery . Forged Financial Documents
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How to Spot a Forged Signature

Spotting a Forged Signature can Save you the Grief of Identity Theft, Bank Fraud, Forged Wills, Fraud in Business dealings. You Don't need to be a Lawyer or Police Graduate to figure out if Your Signature is being used for Criminal Activity.


Look for Erratic unconnected lines, such as anxiety and nerves. - if the Signature is Longer or Shorter than Your Own Original. Hold the Signature up against the light - look for remnants of the Original and Get a Magnifying Glass and look at the T, I and J and if they are Written or Printed. Look for Smudges, Erase Marks or Small Tears in the Paper can Point to a Forgery.